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Parliamentary rapporteur outlines key priorities on Novel Foods

23 Jul 14
Creating a clear definition of what constitutes a novel food will be a key priority of the Europea... read more...

Council and MEPs debate redefining "nano"

23 Jul 14
The definition of what is considered to be an engineered nanomaterial - and subject to labelling o... read more...

Nano: EFSA report reveals state of chaos on food

22 Jul 14
More than 600 applications of nanotechnology have been identified in the area of food, feed and ag... read more...

EFSA outlines Novel Food guidance work to MEPs

22 Jul 14
EFSA will hold an information session with applicants on how to make an application for a novel fo... read more...

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Kate Trollope has excellent contacts in Brussels gained over 15 years' reporting on European food policy-making. With her outstanding knowledge of EU food law, she expertly tracks key food-related proposals from their inception through to their scrutiny by MEPs and member states. She also has an unrivalled understanding of the workings of the European Food Safety Authority. She is a regular moderator at conferences and seminars on EU food law and other food-related topics.                           Telephone +44 208 579 0192

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Patrick Bartlett has been running EU Food Policy since its launch in March 2010. His journalistic career has spanned print, television and radio. He brings to EU Food Policy an in-depth knowledge of the Brussels policy-making machinery. As BBC Europe Correspondent he was based in both Brussels and Frankfurt, from where he covered the launch of the Euro and an immense range of EU trade and consumer-related issues. As well as his role as publisher and contributor to EU Food Policy, Patrick also works as a media trainer.                        Telephone +44 208 567 4569

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